Frequently Asked Questions

All-Natural First Aid With Mānuka Honey Products

It’s time to ditch chemical-laden ointments and ineffective wound dressings. Unfortunately, most first aid brands available to families will cut corners at the expense of their customers. By incorporating potentially toxic and lower quality ingredients, these products sacrifice safety and quality for the lowest prices.

First Honey has reimagined the simple, essential products that families rely on for basic everyday care. Our innovative combination of high-quality ingredients relies on the healing properties of Mānuka honey to protect, restore and rejuvenate damaged skin.

Traditional bandages and dressings are notoriously sticky, especially on the sensitive skin of your little ones. Most bandages also don’t provide any protective or restorative benefits. Truly a superior option, our Mānuka Bandages and Mānuka Dressings are easy to apply and remove due to a unique skin-friendly adhesive. The padded area of each bandage and dressing is covered with a layer of Mānuka honey to create optimal conditions for wound healing. We recommend these first aid essentials for faster healing and healthier skin.

Common first aid ointments are chocked full of synthetic ingredients and compounds that are known or suspected to have adverse effects, including skin reactions like dermatitis. Additionally, overreliance on antiseptic ointments that use bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate, and polymyxin B sulfate have the potential to promote the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. These chemicals also wipe out healthy enzymes and bacteria that should be present in optimally balanced skin microbiomes.

In stark contrast to most over-the-counter options, our Mānuka honey first aid products gently, naturally heals and are strictly tested to maintain adherence to ISO quality assurance standards. Our Mānuka Honey Ointment uses only 100% active Mānuka honey to clean, protect and restore the skin, minimizing scarring.

Mānuka Honey Products for Healthy Skincare

Keep your skin looking and feeling vibrant with the all natural healing power of honey. Treat common skin conditions, apply as part of a skincare routine, or soothe dry cracked skin with reliable, effective and safe Mānuka honey products that naturally promote holistic wellness. 

Many environmental factors contribute to skin distress, most of which you may not even notice on a daily basis. Skin distress advances the effects of aging, including the appearance of dark circles, discoloration, dryness and lines or wrinkles. Other common skin conditions that are exacerbated by your environment and cause irritation and discomfort include rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. First Honey skincare products like our Skin Therapy Cream are formulated to address these often persistent issues without relying on potentially harmful additives. Instead, we’ve harnessed the power of pure Mānuka honey and a host of other natural ingredients that promote skin wellness by moisturizing, balancing, soothing and protecting your skin. 

Despite their attempts to convince customers otherwise, most large brands are still using harmful substances in their products. A brief glance at the active ingredients list on products in big box stores will reveal unpronounceable chemical compositions promising “fast-acting” and “extra-strength” properties, including antibiotics, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, silicon derived ingredients, synthetic filler, chemical sunscreens, mineral oils, petrochemicals (like propylene glycol), phenoxyethanol, BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), ethanolamines and ethoxylated ingredients.

However, research shows that the impact of natural Mānuka honey products made by tiny bees is bigger and better than the unnatural alternatives. Unlike miracle “fix-all” products that use a wide range of synthetic compounds and ingredients, First Honey makes products that you can feel good about using to treat issues and maintain healthy skin for years.