Healing Hands

Over the years it has become clear to us that "doing the best with what’s in our hands" really means helping to get medical grade Mānuka honey into the hands of others.  From developing new formulations that utilize its healing properties, to aid and support programs for those in need, our heart for sharing this magic continues to grow.

Every month we give a package of First Honey products to a family, individual or organization. You can nominate someone by writing to us at healinghands@firsthoney.com

Below is a list of organizations who have or will be receiving our natural first aid kits.  Feel free to click on the their link to learn more about how each organization are making an impact!


Peggy in Zambia


This last month, we had the opportunity to help a little girl in Zambia, Peggy, who suffers from a rare skin condition called ichthyosis. Ichthyosis causes severe rough, dry and scaly skin that needs to be moisturized regularly to stop the itchiness. In August, Peggy’s mom reached out to us in hopes that we might be able to help. She told us about Peggy’s struggle and we were heartbroken to hear that Peggy does not play with other classmates or kids her age because they scream and cry when they see her. “She cannot go to parks or shopping malls without people whispering and turning heads,” Peggy’s mom said. “Once a jovial person, Peggy has retired to a cocoon because she has no friends.” Her ichthyosis affects 90% of her body and the journey has not only been a difficult one for Peggy, but her entire family. 

We sent Peggy and her family a box of First Honey products including our Manuka Honey Cream to help moisturize and relieve the itching, and included some fun surprises for Peggy and her siblings. We sent her a Frozen fearless shirt and sticker book (Frozen is one of her favorites), and a Sofia costume (another favorite of hers).

The Oakley Family

The Oakley Family

When our founder, Sarah Scarlet, came across the Oakley Family on Instagram, she was incredibly moved by their story and wanted to help. In the last four years, Oakley twins Ella and Eve have been diagnosed with Retinoblastoma (a cancer that forms in the retina of the eye) and have undergone multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. As you can imagine, this has been quite a shock for the family. Ella and Eve’s parents have had their hands full with medical tests, doctors, multiple hospitals, insurance, travel, and care logistics.

We reached out to the twins’ mother, Maryann, to see how we could help and donated to their gofundme page. We also sent a box of First Honey first aid products to help provide some healing and support during tough days. Our hearts go out to this family and we hope you’ll follow their journey at @oakley_twins_journey and consider donating as well. Learn more here.

Maria & Macron

Maria didn’t plan to become a mother when she set out to visit an orphanage in Haiti, but while there she met little Macron. He had been abandoned in a pillow case on the side of the streets and suffers from a rare and difficult skin condition called Ichthyosis. He needs full-time care and Maria has left everything to stay in Haiti and give him the love and attention he needs. Together, they have already overcome many challenges (skin infections, scabies, limited access to water, typhoid). Macron calls Maria “Mama” and she is determined to make that a reality with adoption. It’s not going to be an easy process however, and they face huge financial, legal and medical hurdles. 

We’ve have decided to make May the “Month of Macron," and are dedicating 20% of all sales on firsthoney.com to go towards Macron's care.



first honey in haiti

Mission Of Truth Organization, Haiti (MOTO)

Angel and Peter Noble, the founders of Mission Of Truth, are passionate about caring for the Haitian people and have been serving the Haitian people since 2012.  “Mission of Truth applies a holistic approach that is facilitated by trained, Haitian Child Psychologists who are actively engaged for the wellbeing of the Children in their program.”

In July, First Honey’s Daniel Zaverl and MOTO brought along First Honey first aid kits to Haiti to provide safe, all natural healing for these Haitian communities. Learn more about Mission Of Truth here.

first honey woman with first aid kit

The Women’s Bakery, Rwanda and Uganda

By providing comprehensive business education and vocational training, The Women’s Bakery trains women to launch and profitably manage nutrition-centric bakeries in their communities in Rwanda and Uganda.  Their mission serves to empower women, improve community access to nutrition, and spark economic growth – all through local business creation.

In August, we sent First Honey first aid kits to each Women’s Bakery location. We hope to provide safe and effective, all natural first aid for these women and their communities.  Learn more about The Women’s Bakery here.

first honey for kids

Honduran Orphanage

When Texas-based photographer, Alex Wolf, reached out to us and asked if we would donate First Honey first aid supplies to an orphanage she was visiting in Honduras, of course we said yes!  We packed a big box of our Adhesive Bandages, Adhesive Dressings and Sterile Honey Ointment, and shipped to Alex the following day.  Alex is a fantastic photographer, and she beautifully captured moments from her trip and was kind enough to share the photos with us. We are thankful for Alex and the opportunity to contribute to a good cause and give back to a community in need.



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