Our Land

We are proud custodians of the remote and pollution-free forests in the Wairarapa region where the native Mānuka flower grows.  In New Zealand, we feel a special connection with the land we come from and a duty of care is instilled in us from a young age.
Our honey is a direct product of the environment it was created in, produced from both naturally occurring and plantation forests. These forests sequester large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere helping to minimize the dramatic impact that climate change will have on environment.  We have ongoing planting programs on our farms with thousands of Mānuka trees planted so far. 

 “Our story has always felt bigger than us. Our connection to the land goes deep, and the honey that comes from it is a legacy given by many that have come before us.  It's our responsibility to protect this for future generations”
- Co-founder Dan Watson

Our Story

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