Magic Mānuka

Medicinal honey is no new thing. In fact it dates back as far as the Sumerians at around 2000 BC. But Mānuka honey was relatively unheard of 20 years ago. Sourced from the native Mānuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium), it was known as a bush honey, slightly bitter and something most beekeepers would avoid. But our ancestors always knew there was more to this special tree, and would use the leaves and bark for its medicinal properties.
When a New Zealand scientist decided to investigate the honey derived from this native tree he discovered those medicinal qualities were not just present, but magnified.  Incredibly, Mānuka honey was annihilating Staph bacteria in his lab trials.  His name was Dr Peter Molan. He was the founding father of what today is a revolutionary and thriving industry in New Zealand, and someone our family was fortunate to call friend.
Dr Molan’s discovery spearheaded a whole new demand for Mānuka honey.  At First Honey we have literally grown up with this new industry.  Working alongside scientists and formulators we developed our range of First Honey products to deliver the unique properties of Mānuka, and provide an all-natural solution for everyone who needs safe, effective healing.


Mānuka Science 101

Manuka Science 101

The science and studies behind this healing agent. Learn more