Our Story

In the month of December, when the air turns chilled and the Northern Hemisphere huddles inside, New Zealand is a land coming alive with long sun kissed days and the promise of harvest for a beekeeping family like ours.
We were wild children, running with barefoot toes across farmlands, beaches and forests.  Sunburnt shoulders, bare feet cut on hidden shells and rocks.  Nature and healing were always intertwined for us, and somewhere along the way the answer to most falls, scrapes or burns actually became a question…
“have you put some honey on it?”
I’m told my parents found me as a toddler helping ‘guide’ bees back into the entrance of the hive with one squishy little finger.  Certainly as far back as I can remember there have been bees buzzing around our world.  Our family beekeeping operation has gone through changes and challenges over the years, but one thing has remained true: Mānuka honey is a healing agent unlike any other we have ever seen. 
Daniel my ‘bee whisperer’ little brother is now responsible for caring not only for his hundreds of hives, but his two little girls. I’m not just a big sister now but a mother of three, and the call to put honey on it has taken on even more significance. Knowing we are giving them our best is more than just a tag line – it’s the drive that pushes First Honey forward. 
We can’t prevent the hurts but we can be part of something that can heal. We hope First Honey will bring you the gift of nature and healing, from our family to yours.
Sarah Scarlet
Founder, First Honey


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