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Our Ethos

First Honey is a family owned company from New Zealand that uses clinically proven Medical Grade Honey in our all-natural range of healing products. Founded by brother & sister team Dan Watson and Sarah Scarlet, we are passionate about providing a trusted, non-toxic alternative to antibiotic ointments and products filled with harmful chemicals. 

Our focus is delivering the world’s highest quality Mānuka honey from our own First Honey forests, and creating innovative product formulations that utilize its world-famous healing properties.
“As parents ourselves we care deeply about the products that go on and in our bodies. We hope First Honey can be there to promote faster, better healing and prevent infection for the ones you love. “
– Sarah Scarlet, Founder

Our Story

Founder Sarah Scarlet with KidsFounder Sarah Scarlet on healing, and the origins of First Honey. Learn more 

Magic Mānuka  – the story of the healing honey 

The discovery of a New Zealand Scientist that changed healing. Learn more

Mānuka Science 101

Manuka Honey The science and studies behind this healing agent. Learn more


First Honey Factory

The mother hive of our healing honey and products. Learn more


Dan's Bees

Learn about our magic making bees and their keepers.  Read more


Our Land

Care and sustainability.  Learn more