Dan's Bees

I grew up in a beekeeping family, so I’ve never really known a life without bees buzzing around.  Years of stings, good seasons and bad seasons, and lessons learnt the hard way have all made me who I am today.  In many ways First Honey takes its lead from the bees… they are great teachers.  It takes teamwork, attention to detail and a real love for the land, to source the pure medical grade honey we use in our First Honey products.

Happy healthy bees produce the best honey, and we work hard to make sure our magic makers are at their best.

Nature doesn't use GMOs or antibiotics so neither do we!  In fact it’s not permitted in New Zealand to use antibiotics around bees, so they are never used during the production or collection of Mānuka honey.

Our bees are Mānuka-only workers, and our hives are dedicated to the production of pure medical grade honey.  They are never used for commercial pollination and as a result the bees are never exposed to pesticides or other chemicals known to contribute to the world's decline in bee numbers.

Protecting our hives and the honey we harvest is a literal labor of love.  Our people are the heart behind us and our First Honey products, and we are proud to have some incredible Apiarists in our team.

Dan Watson, Co-Founder


Our Land

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