Product Details

First Honey® Mānuka Honey Ointment (1oz size) - Our naturally potent skin healing ointment is a great all-rounder for any first aid kit and contains only 100% active Leptospermum honey (Mānuka honey), harvested by our own bees in New Zealand. It has been certified as medical-grade honey for treating cuts and burns. This sterile easy-to-apply ointment creates an optimal environment for the healing of minor wounds. It provides long-lasting infection protection while working to immediately reduce pain and minimize scarring long-term. See our FAQ page for more uses and directions for First Honey® Mānuka Honey Ointment.

First Honey® Mānuka Bandages - Our adhesive bandages infused with the highest quality medical grade Mānuka honey help promote faster, better healing while providing infection protection in one convenient, mess-free step. A layer of Mānuka honey effectively saturates the wound for faster, better healing while creating a moist low pH environment that supports new tissue formation and assists in wound healing. See our FAQ page for more uses and directions for First Honey® Mānuka Bandages.

First Honey® Skin Therapy Cream - Relief for distressed skin is here with First Honey Mānuka cream that hydrates and protects dry and sore skin. A customer favorite for those struggling with eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, this deeply nourishing cream will calm, soothe and moisturize irritated skin. Infused with the highest quality medical grade Mānuka honey, harvested from our own bees in New Zealand, free and clear, which means no nasties for all-natural healing. See our FAQ page for more uses and directions for First Honey® Skin Therapy Cream.

First Honey® Zippered Calico Travel Bag - Keep all your skin saviors on hand or carry them with you while on the go in this convenient canvas travel bag.


We make our honey wound ointment with Mānuka honey because of its incredible healing properties. Many modern antiseptics and first aid ointments rely on synthetic ingredients that indiscriminately kill bacteria while attempting to protect the site of a wound. The problem with this approach is that your skin contains both good and bad types of bacteria. 

Healthy bacteria help balance the natural skin biome, which contains critical enzymes and amino acids. Destroying these parts of the skin biome not only damages your skin in the longer term it also promotes the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that will be harder to fight in the long run.

See our FAQ page for more information about the effectiveness of Mānuka honey.

Additional Information

Medical-grade Mānuka honey has become widely used by healthcare professionals to treat and manage wounds. Found only in New Zealand, Mānuka honey contains the presence of Methylglyoxal (MGO), a potent healing compound that does not naturally occur in any other kinds of honey. 

Why should I use it?

Promote faster, better healing and prevent infection without the use of artificial antibiotics.

Where does our Mānuka honey come from?

We harvest Mānuka honey from our own bees that are carefully tended on our farms in New Zealand. Mānuka plants are native to New Zealand, and we have preserved a forest where the bees are kept from commercial pollination and pesticides or other practices contributing to the decline in overall bee populations. Mānuka plants boast brightly colored blossoms and result in a honey that is uniquely colored and slightly bitter, with an earthy and mildly earthy aroma.  

You should know that not all Mānuka honey is the same level of quality or purity. We practice a particular form of honey development and sourcing known as monofloral, meaning that the nectar used to make honey only comes from Mānuka plants. The honey used in our products is not mixed with other nectar strains, which would reduce the purity and potency of the Mānuka honey by diluting the end product, hindering its effectiveness and healing benefits.   

We have developed a proprietary system of harvesting and processing honey that is very different from how common table honey is produced. We take great care to prevent other environmental contaminants from entering our pure Mānuka honey. We're confident that this method produces the highest quality of Mānuka honey that is safe and effective for all forms of consumption and use. Each batch of honey from our farm is tested to ensure that it meets the standards for medical-grade products.