Product Details

Mānuka honey bandages offer a superior design and significantly improved healing qualities over traditional bandages. Some of the key benefits to Mānuka honey bandages include the following:

- They create a moist and low pH environment that supports new tissue formation and assists wound healing. When wounds dry and scab they are susceptible to infection, and when scabs are removed, and are much more likely to scar. 

- A layer of Mānuka honey effectively saturates wounds for faster, better healing. By supporting optimal skin health and providing a physical barrier, our bandages accelerate the healing process and total skin recovery.

- Our unique, skin-friendly adhesive means that each Mānuka honey bandage can be easily and gently applied to even sensitive skin. The bandages are also easy to remove, which means no more wincing when it’s time to check a wound or replace the existing bandage.

See our FAQ page for more information about the effectiveness of Mānuka honey.


Mānuka honey has been scientifically tested and clinically proven to offer substantial benefits that support improved wound healing over traditional antiseptics. Specifically, Mānuka contains an organic compound called methylglyoxal (MGO). While other honey can contain trace amounts of MGO, Mānuka has an especially high concentration of this compound. The amount of MGO in Mānuka honey directly impacts its potency.  

Of course, we also love Mānuka because it can be organically and sustainably sourced. This means that it’s good for humans and the planet. 

Additional Information

We harvest Mānuka honey from our own bees that are carefully tended on our farms in New Zealand. Mānuka plants are native to New Zealand and we have preserved a forest where the bees are kept from commercial pollination and pesticides or other practices that are contributing to the decline in overall bee populations. Mānuka plants boast brightly colored blossoms and result in a honey that is uniquely colored and slightly bitter, with an earthy and mildly earthy aroma.  

You should know that not all Mānuka honey is the same level of quality or purity. We practice a particular form of honey development and sourcing known as monofloral, meaning that the nectar used to make honey only comes from Mānuka plants. The honey used in our products is not mixed with other nectar strains, which would reduce the purity and potency of the Mānuka honey by diluting the end product, hindering its effectiveness and healing benefits.   

We have developed a proprietary system of harvesting and processing honey that is very different from how common table honey is produced. We take great care to prevent other environmental contaminants from entering our pure Mānuka honey. We’re confident that this method produces the highest quality of Mānuka honey that is safe and effective for all forms of consumption and use. Each batch of honey from our farm is tested to make sure that it meets the standards for medical-grade products.